Satellite TV in Tavira

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We provide a full  range of services relating to Satellite TV.

INSTALLATION. We will call at an agreed time, and discuss with you details, such as dish location, wiring and programmes you can receive. Once all is agreed, we will quote you an inclusive and binding price, with no hidden extras or nasty surprises.

UPGRADE. Frequently older systems need upgrading. We have the equipment to pinpoint any problems you may be having, and can advise accordingly.

REPAIRS. Technology does break down from time to time. It is a fact of life. We are always at hand to provide friendly, impartial advice when things go wrong. We carry a wide range of stock and materials to cater for most eventualities. BUT- Before calling us out, please take a couple of minutes to check our Frequently Asked Questions- you may be able to solve the problem yourself. 

TV REPAIRS.  In addition to the above, we also repair television sets and Hi Fi equipment. Many TV sets that were bought during the 2006~2008 'boom' are showing signs of age now, however much they may or may not have been used. We have a well equipped, well stocked workshop and can usually offer quick turn-around at a reasonable price.

SPARES. We also keep a stock of spare parts- such as remote controls, Scart & HDMI cables, LNB's, etc. etc.